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Tell All Tuesday #13

I have forgiven some unforgivable sh*t. There have only been three times in my life where I dealt with friendships falling out. In middle school, and twice in college. And each of those times, it was because the people I thought were my friends believed the LIES of someone they not only 1) knew wasContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #13”

Miss You

Is it possible to miss you Even when I don’t really know you Even when you live so far away Even when the memories I have of you aren’t positive ones? Is it possible to grieve you Even if you are still here Even if it’s sympathy grief Even if I don’t really know whatContinue reading “Miss You”


I was always told That bad things occurred in threes. I have become accustomed to Assuming this trend will repeat itself. Walking on eggshells Anticipating the worst outcome Holding my breath I wait for the other shoe to drop Cascading bad things upon me.

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