Amelia Hatchett is a 7 year old orphaned girl who was adopted after her family died in a house fire when she was only a child. As the only living survivor, Amelia was put into foster care where she was adopted by a loving couple who dreamt of starting a family. Chris and Dana Hatchett has tried for several years prior to start a family, but lost the pregnancies each time. Just when they had given up, the Hatchett’s received a call from the Davenport City orphanage asking them if they would be interested in adopting a child. The Hatchett’s, eager to start a family, jumped at the opportunity and met with Amelia the very next day. 

The Hatchett’s loved Amelia immediately. Her love for painting was adored by Dana, as she was a painter herself. Shortly after meeting with Amelia, the Hatchett’s began initiating the adoption process. It was finalized within a couple of months and Amelia officially came home with the Hatchett’s shortly before her 7th birthday.

Amelia adjusted quickly to the transition. Having her own room was a dream, and she quickly covered the walls in her drawings and paintings. 

Nothing was out of the ordinary until Dana announced that she was pregnant, 2 years later. Amelia did not take it well as she had gotten used to being the only child for 2 years. Slowly, things started running amuck— birds flying into the windows, strange odors around the house, windows being opened in the middle of the night.

One night in particular, Amelia woke up screaming blood murder. As Chris and Dana run to Amelia’s room, the door was jammed. The screaming continues and then a loud crash occurs. Chris kicks down the door and sees Amelia on the floor crying, with all of the art from her walls surrounding her— all except 1 paining that remained. It was a painting of Dana laying in a bed bleeding. She was having a miscarriage. Amelia had never been told that Dana had had a series of miscarriages. Dana erupted in anger and tears as she ripped the painting off of the wall. Dana leaves the room in a ball of fury as Chris tells Amelia to go back to bed and then runs after her.

The next morning, Dana awakes in a pool of blood. She immediately thought Amelia’s painting had come true; she believed she was having a miscarriage. To her surprise, when she stood up, it wasn’t her own blood, but her husband’s. Chris’ neck was sliced clean through and he was cold and pale. Dana lets out a blood curdling scream and turns around— Amelia is outside of the door, smiling back at her. How could such an innocent girl kill someone? Was it even Amelia that killed Chris? She had no proof that Amelia was the killer, and neither did the police. Dana let her suspicions die down.

Grieving the death of her husband, Dana begs the orphanage to take Amelia until things settled down. They agree to take her for the rest of the month. When the car arrived at the Hatchett house for Amelia, she was devastated. She was being sent away again. All Amelia wanted was a family, someone to love her unconditionally. Being orphaned at such a young age, Amelia missed the feeling of true unconditional love. She wanted that feeling back. 

In the coming weeks, Amelia exhibited numerous temper tantrums, crying for Dana to come back and get her. Eventually, the time came where Dana did indeed come back for her. That night would be a night that would never be forgotten. 

On the drive home, Dana apologized for needing to send her back to the orphanage. Amelia played nice and said she understood and was glad that Dana was okay. She also asked about the baby. Dana replied that the baby was healthy and that it was a girl.  Amelia laughed wickedly. 

That night, Dana tucked Amelia in and went to her room. Anxiousness set in as Dana closed the door to her and her late husband’s room. She locked the door for her sanity and went to sleep.

The next day, Dana never woke up and Amelia was nowhere to be found. Dana’s body was found by police weeks later after friends reported her missing. Her belly had been cut open and the baby had been taken out her. Dana slowly bled out. It was presumed that Amelia was the culprit, but how was a 9 year old capable of such horrendous things? How did she know how to correctly perform a C-section without harming the baby? These are questions that remain unanswered as Amelia was never found, and neither was the baby. The story of Amelia lives on an urban legend in Davenport that many pregnant women or new mothers heed caution to today. “Dont get Amelia’d” they would say.

Just me popping in and saying Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a safe holiday indoors and enjoys some light ~spooky~ reading. Drop a comment if you liked it the post! We will continue to our regular programming on Monday!

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