New Venture

Hello Real Unfiltered family! I have an exciting new venture that will be implemented on this page moving forward! My normal posting schedule is every Friday (or Saturday). In addition to this, I will now be posting “Tell All Tuesdays” each week. These posts will come from you guys, the subscribers and supporters of this webpage (EXCITING!).

My idea with “Tell All Tuesdays” is for it to be a place of anonymous ranting, venting, confessions, and stories. These can be about anything in your life that you feel people can relate to, or something you just need to get out into the world and off your chest. This was inspired by the apology line in Manhattan run by Mr. Apology-where callers would confess their deepest secrets and regrets to the line, anonymously. You can send me an email at OR fill out the form on the “Contact Me” page of the blog. When I post, I will be sure to leave your name out, making it anonymous.

I am excited for this new venture and hope you find it in your hearts to contribute to making “Tell All Tuesdays” as successful as I imagine!

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