Tell All Tuesday #1

As much as I am grateful for having a job, especially during such trying times, I can’t help but ask myself why I have stayed at this office for as long as I have. I work very long hours, fill in for every position in the practice whenever necessary (which is often due to the many faces that have come and gone in the past 6 years), I am on call day and night for emergencies and last minute requests, and have had little increase in pay since I started at this practice 6 years ago. Additionally, I have only been out sick once in the last six years, whenever I request off for vacation it’s an issue, and I can only take time off when the doctor is on vacation. 

I’d like to say that the most upsetting condition of all is lack of appreciation for all the blood, sweat, and tears I have put in to this practice from day one. The doctor’s controlling and micromanaging nature has let to an overall decline of morality within the office. I have been delegated all the responsibilities for an office manager without the title or the pay. Without the title, the doctor knows it has become very difficult to do my job as I am being constantly challenged by other employees on my authority. I am unable to hold anyone accountable as office manager, and cannot ask anyone to complete tasks and therefore I end up having to do it myself……….well NO MORE.

You are our leader and what you say and do affects the entire practice.



“About to Quit”

Welcome to the first “Tell All Tuesday”! Thank you to those who have submitted rants and potential posts, you guys are amazing! Stay tuned on Friday for a regular scheduled poetry post, and again next tuesday for another “Tell All” 🙂 Drop a comment down below if you can relate to how this reader is feeling about her job and let’s spread some positive if possible. Have a blessed week Real Unfiltered family.

4 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday #1

  1. Your previous ranter left such a well written rant !! I feel unappreciated by my patients more so than I do my co-workers. Tired of hearing I hate coming here. I hate the noises. Nothing hurt until I came in today. Wah, Wah, Wah. If you take better care of yourself at home..which is your choice to or not…then you would not have to visit us as often !!

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  2. I want to rant, I really do, I love a rant normally…you know the typical “stiff upper lip” of us Brits in public and moan and groan and whine in private. Get it all out, all the seething hatred we hold for work, the boss, the chores, the expectations, the responsibilities, people, those people! and our own self righteousness setting the world to rights… usually feels good, cathartic, reenergising. Better out than in right?! But, today, I want to rant on and wax lyrical about the beauty I have seen in humankind, as a collective, for the first time in my life, through this pandemic. The way that people have supported each other, dealt with the torture of lockdown after lockdown with grace, those on the frontlines risking life to save life, the altruistic volunteers, Sir Tom Moore, the inspiration brought out in young and old, able and challenged, privileged and poor, to help other people, communities looking out for their own when government services struggled. surely this is the best of what it means to be human? And it makes my heart soar with love and gratitude and inspiration. So not a rant to EXHALE the bottled up, a rant to INHALE all the good there is out there… a rant nonetheless, so thank you for letting me share! xoxo

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    1. I’m so glad you shared this! Sometimes rants can be positive and a breath of fresh air. I’m glad you are seeing some faith in humanity restored!


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