Tell All Tuesday #2

The Texas governor, in his stupidity, announced that the mask mandate is now lifted and businesses can open back up to 100% capacity next week. Was this decision made alongside medical professionals telling him it is the right thing to do? NO. It is because he thinks 1 in 5 people being vaccinated is enough to risk the lives of the other 80%. RECKLESS. We are close to having most Americans fully vaccinated within the next few months, why not just wait a little longer before completely opening up the state?

My guess is that it is a diversion to pull attention away from the complete mishandling of the Texas power grid causing millions of residents to lose power alongside several deaths. Or that it is about the governor making himself look good for his financial donors, even though the majority of Texas residents are against it.

Who knows the real reason, but in the end, all he is doing is causing more harm than good when it comes to lifting the mask mandate or opening business to 100%. 

I am furious.


“Angry Texas resident.”

Welcome back to “Tell All Tuesday”! Thank you to those who have submitted rants and potential posts, you guys make me so happy! Stay tuned on Friday for our regularly scheduled poetry post, and then again next Tuesday for another “Tell All” post. I have created a drop down menu on the home page to easily access poetry and “Tell All” posts.

Drop a comment down below if you can relate to the reader’s frustration and let’s spread some positivity if possible 🙂

Have a blessed rest of the week, Real Unfiltered Fam.

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