Tell All Tuesday #4

I hate people that want “relationship energy” but don’t want the actual relationship. Some people are out here faking whole relationships, and act like they have a significant other but then drop them and claim they aren’t ready for a relationship yet. The kicker is that they then go and talk to someone else a week later, repeating the same cycle.

The worst feeling is when someone keeps you a secret. If we are together be open about it. PLEASE don’t act like we are just friends in public and around your friend group, but then in private, we are a couple. This isn’t Hannah Montana, you can’t have the best of both worlds. Either you claim someone publicly and be a couple, or let them go, and stop playing your games with anyone else.

Finally, STOP expecting people to be with you on your own time or when it’s convenient for you. Relationships are about making sacrifices. So don’t act like you want to be with someone if they have to put all the work and energy in while you sit back being lazy and just call shots. We are supposed to be grown ups, so please, can people stop acting like children and grow the f*ck up.


“Modern Dating Sucks”

Welcome back to “Tell All Tuesday”! Thank you to those who have submitted rants and potential posts, KEEP THEM COMING! Email me at

I am so excited with the direction this series is going in! Stay tuned on Friday for our regularly scheduled poetry post, and then again next Tuesday for another “Tell All”. I have created a drop down menu on the home page to easily access poetry and “Tell All” posts.

Drop a comment below if you can relate to the reader’s frustration and let’s spread some positivity if possible 🙂

Have a blessed rest of the week, Real Unfiltered Fam.

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