Identity Crisis

How does one weave 


Of their past and present 

Into one cohesive unit?

This is the identity crisis 

Of a first generation immigrant child.

The need to maintain one’s home culture 

While embracing the one we are born into 

Sends young adults into a spiral.

We have a choice 

To assimilate completely 

Or remain separated from society, 

Unless we delicately learn 

To combine elements of both. 

There is no rule book 

No diagnostic code 

No instructions 

On how best to achieve this balance 

But I for one

Wish there was.

Hello Real Unfiltered Fam! This marks the 50th post on the blog, and I truly never imagined we would get this far. The support and love for this blog has surpassed any of my expectations. Thank you for the continuous support, words cannot express how much it means to me. Have a great weekend, and we will meet again on Tuesday for another “Tell All” post!

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