Tell All Tuesday #6

Why is it that people move to foreign countries and don’t bother the learn the official language?

It is so annoying when we have patients that need a translator every time they come into the office. The appointment, that should take an hour, ends up taking two hours and your entire scheduled day of patients runs behind schedule. It is time consuming.

My parents are immigrants but they made the effort and learned the language when they moved enough to get by in society. I, myself, am also an immigrant who had to learn the alphabet and basic English grammar rules at the age of 10 while in a foreign country. Today, I manage a healthcare facility. It wasn’t easy for me or for my parents but we made the effort and took the initiative to LEARN. It wasn’t easy for me while I was learning a new language. Sure I said things wrong, pronounced words with an accent, and even said sentences that didn’t make sense, but that was all part of the process. I was picked on for being “that kid” and even my parents were embarrassed when they said things incorrectly, but we didn’t let that stop us from learning the language and assimilating into the society we were now in.

 If it was up to me, every country needs to have “learn our national language” as a requirement of the immigration process.


“Frustrated Immigrant”

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2 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday #6

  1. America was considered a melting pot where immigrants from all over the world and assimilated in to our culture and became Americans. Now a new immigrant does not necessarily have to learn English or American way of doing things. Now there are immigrants mecca for all immigrants be it Latino, Indians, Chinese, Korean, Africans, etc that they can live in, find jobs , watch TV in their languages and never have a need to speak English and assimilate in to American society. This is not good for the long term future if America. The sad part is this actually harms the immigrants and their kids..when these kids go to school they gravitate towards their own kind and miss the opportunity to assimilate in to America. When these kids go to college they feel left out..its hard for them to find work and when they do find work they find it very hard to fit in. Government is doing them a disfavour by printing forms in Spanish and others languages. Instead they should be provided English classes and should be mandatory to speak English to pass citizenship exams. All signs should be English then the immigrants will have to learn English.


    1. I do personally agree that the government should be giving immigrants resources to assimilate completely, including language classes. Not trying to erase somebody’s culture though— there is a difference


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