Tell All Tuesday #9

Trying to navigate a workplace as a new grad is incredibly hard. I feel like there are so many essential things that nobody ever taught you in school. As someone who entered the workforce right after graduation, I felt like I was thrown to the wolves. So I have compiled a list to potentially help others avoid the same mistakes.

  1. You do not have to accept the very first job offer you get out of college. You may be scared to not accept the position, but if the work environment, leadership, pay, team isn’t what you want, then steer away. You can find a better fit.
  2. You need to be able to negotiate you pay. This is something I NEVER learned in college. After learning I was being severely underpaid compared to other new hires, I had to retroactively learn to negotiate for myself.
  3. Work-life balance is key. Companies give you time off, vacation days, and PTO for a reason–do not be afraid to take them. You need a break to do something other than work. Even if that “something” is just having a staycation at home.
  4. Navigating relationships with coworkers requires treading lightly. Since the goal is to have a work-life balance, having some separation from your work and home life is essential. So make friends with coworkers if you want to, but don’t forget to keep work AT WORK. You already work 8-10 hours of the day, your job doesn’t also need to follow you home.

While these are just some general tips I have accumulated after working post-college graduation, they may not fit every situation. Learning “how to be a professional” should be an essential part of every college curriculum so that new grads aren’t entering the workforce completely clueless. Maybe integrating a class into the graduation requirements would help achieve this.


“A Lost Post-Grad”

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One thought on “Tell All Tuesday #9

  1. Very good advice. The academics do not prepare you for the working world which has completely different dynamics. Most new grads take the first job they get because they have student loans and bills to pay which is complete understandable. Then they get in and don’t like either the job, company or host of other things. They Re miserable at work which bleeds in to personal life. Best to wait for the right kind of job, there is no perfect job. You make a very good point about pay. Employers will low ball you knowing you are new with no work experience. Do your homework and ask for the market rates. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Last point about keep work and private life seperate is a very important point. I have kept it seperate in my 30 plus years of career and has served me well. This becomes very apparent when you step up-to the supervisory role.. if you co workers are also your personal friend who will you handle them at work when they need to be written up or there needs to be a disciplinary action. It becomes very uncomfortable situation to deal with. Just my few cents.


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