Tell All Tuesday #11

So I will keep it short and sweet this week for your readers– why do people choose to take advantage of those who love and cherish them the most? Whether it is family, or a significant other, or a best friend, I have seen it time and time again where people go separate ways due to one person treating the other like they are disposable. I am so tired of people treating me poorly and expecting me to stay friends with them and stay by their side. Every time I stand up to them, it is automatically blamed on me being “needy” or “high maintenance” when I am really just asking for you not to treat me like a doormat. Some basic human decency, that you can apparently show any person who isn’t me, would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it for the rant– learn to value yourself and your time people. Protect your peace.


“Short and Sweet”

Welcome back to “Tell All Tuesday”! Thank you to those who have submitted rants and potential future posts. KEEP THEM COMING!! Email me at

I  am so excited with the direction this series is going in! Stay tuned on Friday for our regularly scheduled poetry post, and then again next Tuesday for another “Tell All”. I  have created a drop down menu on the home page for easy navigation to posts!

Drop a comment below if you can relate to the reader’s frustration and let’s spread some positivity if possible 🙂

Have a fantastic week, Real Unfiltered Fam

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