Tell All Tuesday #15

I wish there was a way to be emotionally and mentally prepared to work in the healthcare field. It is hard being around ill patients all of the time, regardless of what your role is. As hard as you try to separate work from your personal life, your emotions don’t always follow suit. Nobody can ever prepare you for the magnitude of emotions of losing a patient, a code blue, working with dementia patients each day. Maybe that is my graduate schools want you to have experience now before applying, so that you know exactly what you are walking into– so you aren’t blindsided. But nonetheless, you are. You try to be strong for your patients, and their families, and keep your emotion in as long as you can. I love my job and the patients I serve, but better mental health awareness needs to be taught in medical, nursing, PA, PT school, etc.


“healthcare workers need help too”

I apologize for my time away from this blog! I had lot the rhythm there for a minute and needed some time to catch back up.

But, welcome back to “Tell All Tuesday”! Thank you to those who have submitted rants and potential future posts. KEEP THEM COMING!! Email me at

I  am so excited with the direction this series is going in! Stay tuned on Friday for our regularly scheduled poetry post, and then again next Tuesday for another “Tell All”. I  have created a drop down menu on the home page for easy navigation to posts!

Drop a comment below if you can relate to the reader’s frustration and let’s spread some positivity if possible 🙂

Have a fantastic week, Real Unfiltered Fam!

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