Tell All Tuesday #4

I hate people that want “relationship energy” but don’t want the actual relationship. Some people are out here faking whole relationships, and act like they have a significant other but then drop them and claim they aren’t ready for a relationship yet. The kicker is that they then go and talk to someone else aContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #4”


The internal, mental timeline  That my anxiety has set for me  Never fails to make me feel behind. Behind in education Watching my peers get accepted  Into grad programs  Into research positions  Into dream jobs Reaching their future goals they always talked about  I am genuinely happy for them,  But that little voice in myContinue reading “Timeline”

Tell All Tuesday #3

You know what really makes me mad and honestly, sad? Why do I always have to be the one who makes an effort to keep a friendship going? This pandemic has made it so clear who wants to stay friends and who can’t be bothered unless you’re there physically in front of them. People whoContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #3”


Physical injuries warrant attention.  They are clearly there  Visible to all. The bruises  The bandages  They are battle wounds  Of mistaken moments. Emotional injuries do not leave a trace  They hide and are elusive. Leaving you struggling Without anyone knowing And easily linger longer than any physical injury.  Sometimes I wish emotional injuries left bruises. 

Tell All Tuesday #2

The Texas governor, in his stupidity, announced that the mask mandate is now lifted and businesses can open back up to 100% capacity next week. Was this decision made alongside medical professionals telling him it is the right thing to do? NO. It is because he thinks 1 in 5 people being vaccinated is enoughContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #2”


I have a reoccurring dream  Of overly ornate glass teacups  With hand painted gold details All stacked up on each other  Crashing down onto the hard wood floor Absolutely shattering into pieces Unexpectedly.  The sound of the crash Jerks me awake Until I drift to sleep Only to have the same dream  Repeating itself againContinue reading “Teacups”

Tell All Tuesday #1

As much as I am grateful for having a job, especially during such trying times, I can’t help but ask myself why I have stayed at this office for as long as I have. I work very long hours, fill in for every position in the practice whenever necessary (which is often due to theContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #1”

New Venture

Hello Real Unfiltered family! I have an exciting new venture that will be implemented on this page moving forward! My normal posting schedule is every Friday (or Saturday). In addition to this, I will now be posting “Tell All Tuesdays” each week. These posts will come from you guys, the subscribers and supporters of thisContinue reading “New Venture”

Déjà Vu

Sometimes people ask me why I believe in reincarnation. There is no scientific proof that it happens at all. My proof of reincarnation always comes from the phenomenon of déjà vu, the feeling that you have seen, heard, or been someone/something/someplace before.  My experience with déjà vu is rather strange. Sometimes the feeling pops upContinue reading “Déjà Vu”