Internal motivation is The drive  The passion  The desire  The want To do better and be better  Each and every day. Whether it is physically better  Mentally better  Emotionally better  It only works if it comes from within. That fire that lights you up  Won’t keep you warm If it comes from someone else.  BeContinue reading “Motivation”


If the human body is a circuit Of complicated arteries and veins All webbed together  Controlled by the heart  And monitored by the brain  How does a broken heart Truly affect someone? Does a broken heart shutdown the system completely Like a circuit losing its powersource? Or does it simply cause a momentary glitch ThatContinue reading “Circuit”

Step Forward, Step Back

I take one step forward By getting off my antidepressant And 4 steps back By crying in my car after work. I  take one step forward By forgiving you and the words you said  And 3 steps back By not being able to forget I  take one step forward By prioritizing myself  And 2 stepsContinue reading “Step Forward, Step Back”