Physical injuries warrant attention. 

They are clearly there 

Visible to all.

The bruises 

The bandages 

They are battle wounds 

Of mistaken moments.

Emotional injuries do not leave a trace 

They hide and are elusive.

Leaving you struggling

Without anyone knowing

And easily linger longer than any physical injury. 

Sometimes I wish emotional injuries left bruises. 

Tell All Tuesday #2

The Texas governor, in his stupidity, announced that the mask mandate is now lifted and businesses can open back up to 100% capacity next week. Was this decision made alongside medical professionals telling him it is the right thing to do? NO. It is because he thinks 1 in 5 people being vaccinated is enough to risk the lives of the other 80%. RECKLESS. We are close to having most Americans fully vaccinated within the next few months, why not just wait a little longer before completely opening up the state?

My guess is that it is a diversion to pull attention away from the complete mishandling of the Texas power grid causing millions of residents to lose power alongside several deaths. Or that it is about the governor making himself look good for his financial donors, even though the majority of Texas residents are against it.

Who knows the real reason, but in the end, all he is doing is causing more harm than good when it comes to lifting the mask mandate or opening business to 100%. 

I am furious.


“Angry Texas resident.”

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Tell All Tuesday #1

As much as I am grateful for having a job, especially during such trying times, I can’t help but ask myself why I have stayed at this office for as long as I have. I work very long hours, fill in for every position in the practice whenever necessary (which is often due to the many faces that have come and gone in the past 6 years), I am on call day and night for emergencies and last minute requests, and have had little increase in pay since I started at this practice 6 years ago. Additionally, I have only been out sick once in the last six years, whenever I request off for vacation it’s an issue, and I can only take time off when the doctor is on vacation. 

I’d like to say that the most upsetting condition of all is lack of appreciation for all the blood, sweat, and tears I have put in to this practice from day one. The doctor’s controlling and micromanaging nature has let to an overall decline of morality within the office. I have been delegated all the responsibilities for an office manager without the title or the pay. Without the title, the doctor knows it has become very difficult to do my job as I am being constantly challenged by other employees on my authority. I am unable to hold anyone accountable as office manager, and cannot ask anyone to complete tasks and therefore I end up having to do it myself……….well NO MORE.

You are our leader and what you say and do affects the entire practice.



“About to Quit”

Welcome to the first “Tell All Tuesday”! Thank you to those who have submitted rants and potential posts, you guys are amazing! Stay tuned on Friday for a regular scheduled poetry post, and again next tuesday for another “Tell All” 🙂 Drop a comment down below if you can relate to how this reader is feeling about her job and let’s spread some positive if possible. Have a blessed week Real Unfiltered family.


The yellow light flickers gently,

Illuminating my room

Like the fiery sunset.

The light is warm

Like a tender embrace

In the coziest of blankets.

The light is unsteady

Like my heartbeat

As you caress my skin.

The lights fosters an ambience

Of peace and calmness

Casting its warmth like a net

Drawing me in

And slowly rocking me to sleep.

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New Venture

Hello Real Unfiltered family! I have an exciting new venture that will be implemented on this page moving forward! My normal posting schedule is every Friday (or Saturday). In addition to this, I will now be posting “Tell All Tuesdays” each week. These posts will come from you guys, the subscribers and supporters of this webpage (EXCITING!).

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Déjà Vu

Sometimes people ask me why I believe in reincarnation. There is no scientific proof that it happens at all. My proof of reincarnation always comes from the phenomenon of déjà vu, the feeling that you have seen, heard, or been someone/something/someplace before. 

My experience with déjà vu is rather strange. Sometimes the feeling pops up even when I  know for a fact that I haven’t been somewhere before. THAT is how I know reincarnation exists and is real. 

What if déjà vu is just us remembering events, conversations, experiences, etc. from our past lives? What if those moments that we briefly remember are actually deeper experiences from the past that give us glimpses of who we were before? What if we could somehow piece together all of those little moments of déjà vu to relive our old lives? What if we could induce or provoke déjà vu to happen to learn more about the past? 

I would love to read what your thoughts are about reincarnation or déjà vu! Feel free to share them below in the comments!


I feel seen.

The way you know exactly what to say 

Precisely when you need to.

All of the right words

Comforting me like a warm hug.

I feel heard.

The way you listen with intent

To every word I say

As if it is the best story you have ever heard

Making me feel understood.

I feel supported.

The way you take interest

In all of those little things I tell you about 

That are important to me

That are now also important to you.

I feel safe.

The way you reassure me that I am not a burden 

Even on the worst mental health days 

When I want to self destruct 

You take away the that doubt.

You make me feel





How do I make you feel?

Haikus Pt. 2

Today’s post is another collection of haikus that I have written recently. You guys seemed to respond positively to the last batch of these that were posted, so I figured I would try my luck again! Let me know if there are any other styles of poetry you would like me to attempt 🙂


The raindrops shatter 

On the cold glass window pane 

Sliding down quick.


Endless stream of blood 

Pooling in the sink slowly  

Old scars resurface.

Social Anxiety

Talking to people

Makes my heart race quickly 

What if they hate me