I see things differently

When I look in the mirror

As opposed to when someone else looks at me.

I obsess over stretch marks and acne scars 

That are reminiscent of years of struggles

Years of tears and not being content with myself.

And moments of being too scared to look in the mirror

Or even leave the house. 

Others don’t see these things in a negative light

They see stretch marks as a victory

For gaining or losing weight

For working hard for the body you want

And acne scars as a normal part of life.

I wish I could see what they see

When they look back at me

But it is a slow process

Of coming to peace with myself.


I notice a thread has been pulled 

On my favorite sweater 

Probably from wrapping myself in it 

For hours and days at at time 

It slowly begins to unravel 

Tearing at the seams

Slowly falling apart

Is this what the human psyche experiences

When haunted by mental health

That makes a person feel like they are going insane

Slowly unraveling at the seams 

Dissociating from the person they once were

Until they eventually just fall apart.


Tears collect 

In the corner of your eyes.

They slowly roll down

Your rosy cheeks 

Passing those smile lines 

That are proof of happier times. 

Your breaths are unsteady 

As you attempt to regain your composure 

Brush the remnants of the tears off your face 

And continue with your day. 

This week, I have the pleasure of using a sketch belonging to Niaz! Her instagram is @niazpour if you are interested in seeing more of her work! She is currently taking part in Inktober, so follow her on Instagram to see more of her adorable sketches during the month!


Where do souls go

When they leave our bodies 

Shortly after death. 

Do they float around aimlessly 

Or have a sense of direction?

Where do souls go

When a heartbeat stops 

And the body is declared dead.

The electric shock jolts the soul 

Back into its body 

But where did it go in the meantime?

Where do souls go 

When your body is 6 feet under in the earth

Or incinerated by flames.

Is there life after death?

A sense of direction



After death?