My depression is a creature of opportunity 

Stalking my every move 

Intercepting my every thought 

Waiting for a moment of weakness 

A moment of isolation

To slither back into my psyche. 

Sapping up all of my creativity, 

My motivation

My joy

Slowly draining the life out of me 

Until I am left as a shell of the human I once was. 

The creature then slithers back out 

Leaving me empty and alone

Waiting for its window of opportunity again.



The emotions 

Come crashing over like waves 

The doubts 

The lack of control 

The insecurities  

Making me slowly lose my breath

The air leaves my lungs


I pull myself back together 

Slowly, purposefully

Counting to 10 

Relaxing my racing mind

Collecting my pieces 

Putting them back together

Before doing it all again 




I see someone who has walked through fire, 

On glass, 

Through the storm

Who came out stronger 



Who didn’t let the world take her caring nature 

Her love 

Her emotions. 


Do you see what I see

When you look at me? 

Those laser pointer eyes 

Dissecting my every move

Every breath 

Every word 

Every fiber of my being slowly ripped apart

Starting with my character.

Do you see what I see when you look at me?


I thought I would miss her,

After she walked away

Saying those words 

That cut so deep

Like a knife 

Against my beautiful caramel skin.

What I didn’t anticipate

Was the feeling of freeness

Of individuality 

Of air in my lungs.

Her being gone was supposed to hurt 

But instead 

It gave me so much joy 

That I am embraced the smile lines

That have sprouted like a seed 

When you finally give it what it needs.


My intention for this blog is to be a form of open communication and self-expression. Writing has truly always been a creative outlet for me during the worst of times, and it is time that I finally lived up to my thoughts and started this blog.

So hello new faces. I like to write poetry. The topics range from love to lessons, and happiness to pain. My time on this earth has been filled with many lessons that I would love to share with eager readers. The title of this blog is “real unfiltered” because there is not going to be a topic that is out of the bounds of my comfort. So please, if you want to read something in particular, comment on the post and I will do my best to accommodate!

I will keep this short and sweet in anticipation of my next, real post, which will be coming shortly. Thank you guys for your support 🙂