“Do the right thing”  Sounds simple enough.  At such a young age, We are taught that right and wrong  Are as clear as black and white.  But we got older,  Experienced things,  Heard things,  Read things,  And the line doesn’t always seem so clear anymore.   A murky, gray area sprouted  Between those once pristineContinue reading “Decisions”


My depression is a creature of opportunity  Stalking my every move  Intercepting my every thought  Waiting for a moment of weakness  A moment of isolation To slither back into my psyche.  Sapping up all of my creativity,  My motivation My joy Slowly draining the life out of me  Until I am left as a shellContinue reading “Creature”


Inhale.  The emotions  Come crashing over like waves  The doubts  The lack of control  The insecurities   Making me slowly lose my breath The air leaves my lungs Exhale.  I pull myself back together  Slowly, purposefully Counting to 10  Relaxing my racing mind Collecting my pieces  Putting them back together Before doing it all again Continue reading “Anxiety”