People always say  To visualize the outcome you want  And manifest it to happen. I was never a believer Thought it wasn’t real  How could painting  A pretty picture in my head  Amount to anything but disappointment. The older I get The more wrong I become. I  have visualized Relationshios  Work opportunities  Investments  That haveContinue reading “Visualize”

Tell All Tuesday #8

I think it is truly insane how much time people spend nowadays on social media. It terrifies me. Screen time is off the charts, even more so with the pandemic and stay at home orders. Social media alters your perception of reality. It is all FAKE. The images are filtered and edited. That fitness influencerContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #8”


Waking up tired  No matter how much I sleep Finishing the day exhausted  No matter how many hours I work The cycle is slowly eating away  At any motivation I have And the serotonin my body so graciously creates. Replenishing these things Feels like the most impossible task. Drained doesn’t seem to fully encompass TheContinue reading “Fumes”

Tell All Tuesday #5

Why does mental health have to be such a “bad” topic? Why am I bad, attention-seeking person when I speak about my mental health but I’m also weak if I don’t talk about it? Why is it appropriate to go behind someone’s back and say they’re lying about their mental health? I can’t tell youContinue reading “Tell All Tuesday #5”

Step Forward, Step Back

I take one step forward By getting off my antidepressant And 4 steps back By crying in my car after work. I  take one step forward By forgiving you and the words you said  And 3 steps back By not being able to forget I  take one step forward By prioritizing myself  And 2 stepsContinue reading “Step Forward, Step Back”


I see things differently When I look in the mirror As opposed to when someone else looks at me. I obsess over stretch marks and acne scars  That are reminiscent of years of struggles Years of tears and not being content with myself. And moments of being too scared to look in the mirror OrContinue reading “Dysmorphia”