People always say  To visualize the outcome you want  And manifest it to happen. I was never a believer Thought it wasn’t real  How could painting  A pretty picture in my head  Amount to anything but disappointment. The older I get The more wrong I become. I  have visualized Relationshios  Work opportunities  Investments  That haveContinue reading “Visualize”

Recent Events

How many people have to die  An unfair and unjust death  To have a reform Of the society we live in? These are  Mothers and fathers  Sons and daughters  That are victims of a terrible system That didn’t have to die. Blood has been spilled But nobody seems to care.  The pattern repeats itself  OverContinue reading “Recent Events”

Identity Crisis

How does one weave  Concepts  Of their past and present  Into one cohesive unit? This is the identity crisis  Of a first generation immigrant child. The need to maintain one’s home culture  While embracing the one we are born into  Sends young adults into a spiral. We have a choice  To assimilate completely  Or remainContinue reading “Identity Crisis”


If the human body is a circuit Of complicated arteries and veins All webbed together  Controlled by the heart  And monitored by the brain  How does a broken heart Truly affect someone? Does a broken heart shutdown the system completely Like a circuit losing its powersource? Or does it simply cause a momentary glitch ThatContinue reading “Circuit”