Physical injuries warrant attention.  They are clearly there  Visible to all. The bruises  The bandages  They are battle wounds  Of mistaken moments. Emotional injuries do not leave a trace  They hide and are elusive. Leaving you struggling Without anyone knowing And easily linger longer than any physical injury.  Sometimes I wish emotional injuries left bruises. 


I have a reoccurring dream  Of overly ornate glass teacups  With hand painted gold details All stacked up on each other  Crashing down onto the hard wood floor Absolutely shattering into pieces Unexpectedly.  The sound of the crash Jerks me awake Until I drift to sleep Only to have the same dream  Repeating itself againContinue reading “Teacups”


Internal motivation is The drive  The passion  The desire  The want To do better and be better  Each and every day. Whether it is physically better  Mentally better  Emotionally better  It only works if it comes from within. That fire that lights you up  Won’t keep you warm If it comes from someone else.  BeContinue reading “Motivation”